What's a Monkey Box?

Hilarious, rude, clever, crude, groundbreaking, mean, nasty, fun, silly, and oh, really funny, The Monkey Box is comedy that's better than soup. Even really good soup.

The Monkey Box was formed in early 2006 as an audio podcast. As one of the few professional-quality podcasts at the time, TMB quickly rose to the top of the comedy charts with their own brand of audio sketch comedy that harkened back to the golden days of radio. That is, if everyone was on crystal meth back in the golden days of radio.

In January 2007 they released their first video (the Emmy-nominated "Janitors" ). Since then, Monkey Box videos have been seen by millions of people across the interwebs. Hits like 1-900-NERD-GIRL , Harry Potter and the Mid-Life Crisis, and dozens more have been featured on the front pages of YouTube and Yahoo! and other major media sites.

Meet The Monkey Box cast.

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